Q. What platforms does ZeroTime for Xero support?
A. Currently iOS 8.0 or later. ZeroTime for Xero is a universal app for iPhone and iPad.

Q. How do I connect to Xero from ZeroTime?
A. The Connect to Xero view should launch automatically. Follow the steps below to connect.


  1. Click Connect to Xero
  2. Enter your Xero username in the Xero website
  3. Enter your Xero password in the Xero website
  4. Click Login
  5. Select the appropriate company from your Xero account
  6. Click Authorise to give ZeroTime access to your Xero account for 30 minutes
  7. The PIN number should be captured and automatically entered

Q. How can I trial ZeroTime for Xero if I don’t have a Xero account?
A. You can get a 30 day trial Xero account here and the Demo Company is pre-populated with data.

Q. What permissions do I need in Xero to be able to sync?
A. Currently, you must have a minimum of Standard user permissions under Settings | General Settings | Users to be able to see the organisation to authenticate.

Q. How do I add tax to a task?
A. You can set the invoices created to be Exclusive of tax, Inclusive of tax, or for No Tax to be applied. Select the Settings tab, scroll down to the Invoices section and select the appropriate Invoice Tax Amount Type. You can change this setting in the draft invoice in Xero before approving it.

Q. Where do I find the invoice created in Xero?
A. In Xero, either in the Dashboard under Invoices owed to you there should be Draft invoices, or under Accounts, then Sales in the Invoices section look for Draft.

Q. Why do I only get 30 minutes before I need to authenticate with Xero again?
A. This is because the only authentication method supplied by Xero that is suitable for mobile devices has this limitation.

Q. How do I generate an authorisation email for a specific contact?
A. Select the Settings tab, select Manage Contacts, select the appropriate contact, select Requires Authorisation. An authorisation email will now be generated each time this client is invoiced.

Q. How do I change task rounding times for a specific contact?
A. Select the Settings tab, select Manage Contacts, select the appropriate contact, select Round Task Times and select the appropriate time.

Q. How do I create projects for a specific contact?
A. Select the Settings tab, select Manage Contacts, select the appropriate contact, select Projects and add Project items as required.

Q. How do I change the payment terms for a specific contact?
A. In Xero, select Contacts, select All Contacts, select the appropriate contact, click Edit, set the payment terms under Invoice Settings. The contact must now be synced with ZeroTime to get the new setting. Select the Settings tab, select Sync with Xero.

Q. How can I limit the Contacts shown to a specific Contact Group?
A. You will need to have at least version 1.1.8:

  • Create Contact Groups in Xero
  • Synchronise Contacts in ZeroTime for Xero from Settings, select  Sync with Xero (this also happens automatically when you send an invoice to Xero)
  • Select the Contact Group in ZeroTime for Xero from Settings, select Show Only Contact Group

If Show Only Contact Group says None, it is because there are no Contact Groups synchronised in ZeroTime for Xero. If it says No there are Contact Groups synchronised, but not selected.

Q. What is the pricing model of ZeroTime for Xero?
A. On the Settings tab at the top, the number of invoice credits you have remaining is shown as Invoice Credits Remaining. ZeroTime comes with 10 invoice credits for you to trial. Every time you generate an invoice this number is decremented. If you click on Invoice Credits Remaining, you will see you can purchase 10, 50 or 100 credits, with the cost reducing the more you buy. The cost of each of these options will vary depending which country you are in.